School Board Candidate

I am so excited and honoured to run for School Trustee. I was born in North Vancouver and grew up in the Fraser Valley. Growing up in a small town gave me an appreciation for community and the importance of loving and caring for your neighbours.

Growing up I worked in the fast-food industry, the service industry, and for my family aggregate company where I not only learned how to drive heavy machinery, but more importantly I learned the value of hard work.

In my young adult years, I spent a lot of time volunteering with children and youth, and it was through this mentorship that my passion for young people began to grow.

In 2010 my husband and I moved back to Vancouver; it was at this time I was working in the Hotel Industry in human resources.

Today I am the proud mother of 3 children who are in the Vancouver School system.  With one child having disabilities and one child who is Neurodivergent my eyes have been opened to the many societal challenges that others may face, but many can’t relate to. It was through this that my passion and journey for advocation in equality and accessibility began. I know the importance of standing up and being a voice for those who feel they can’t speak.

My heart burns for this next generation. As any parent can relate, I want to see Safe Schools, where our children can thrive. I want to see that all children no matter their ability has equal opportunity to all the resources and educational support needed. I want our teachers and resources teacher to be supported and protected.

With my husband being a university professor, I have directly understood the disservice we are doing to our children in preparing them for post-secondary education. Change must happen!

A vote me is a vote of absolute confidence to all parents that I will work hard for your children, and for you, I will be that mother bear, protecting and advocating for this next generation!