Fred Harding Launches His NPA Mayoral Campaign.
Our city is no longer safe.
Your safety will be the NPA’s priority.
“Our city is no longer safe.
What is going on on our city streets is neither compassion nor compassionate.
To think harm reduction and slum housing alone are helping those in need in our society – is a lie.
When I look around I am so saddened at what is going on in this city we love.
I am standing today in front of a landmark most of us from Vancouver know – The Roxy.
This street, which was once vibrant, has changed – just like the streets throughout our city. It is no longer safe.
Just weeks ago there was a random machete attack on innocent victims in this very spot. And this is not an isolated incident – It is happening all the time in our city.
Our city needs leadership.
Things are so bad our public safety crisis is no longer isolated to the Downtown Eastside.
We are all affected now, from UBC to Boundary Road.
And we have seen a rise in violent crimes against innocent victims.
It is time for leadership that will raise the quality of life in every neighbourhood in our city.
For those of you who don’t know me, I am Fred Harding and I am running for mayor. I was in police service for over 30 years and have been focusing on supporting businesses since then.
I am running to be Mayor because I believe we need to restore Safety, Affordability and Stability to our city.
I am running with the NPA because the NPA is the party that has always brought Safety, Affordability and Stability.
Your safety will be our priority.
We all agree it is time for change at city hall. What Kennedy Stewart and his government have done to this city is a tragedy.
This is a pivotal moment in our history.
I look forward to restoring safety and bringing the leadership we need along with my great team of council candidates.
I don’t think it’s a coincidence that this team has come together at this moment in time. We all have a unique personal connection to our public safety issues.
I’m appealing to you this election not to vote from an ideological perspective, either from the right or the left. But instead, vote with your conscience –
Vote for the leader you believe is going to lean in and fight for you and your safety with boldness and compassion.”