Park Board Candidate

Jason Upton has lived and worked in the City of Vancouver his entire life. The city has changed drastically since the 1970’s. There has been significant development as we grew from a small city to a large one and, along the way, the City’s amenities also grew. However, in the last 10-15 years, there has been a major gap developing between the amount of new condos and the park and recreation space available for the growing population. While we have added nowhere NEAR enough facilities and parks to keep up, the ones in place have degraded and been damaged.

I first become aware of this issue, back in 2010, when the City wanted to close the Bloedel Conservatory due to the repairs needed, that was the last straw for me. On top of letting the important treasures degrade, now their state of disrepair was being used as an excuse to close them and redevelop the land. I jumped into the Park Board race and was happy to see the public and other Commissioners ensure it did not close.

Today, most of our parks and facilities require improvements. There are plans in place and studies, but not enough is being done. Jericho Pier, enjoyed by many, has been closed for 8 months now and not a single board has been fixed. Kitsilano Pool, used by thousands was closed for part of the summer. When our precious assets are broken, they should be fixed immediately. It’s that simple. It’s the people who use them that suffer from them not being available and the metal fences are a blight on the City.

Vancouver is a beautiful City and always has been. With growing traffic and population, it will not stay that way unless the right team is on guard to ensure it. Jason Upton and the NPA is the right team and electing us will increase the quality of life for all our residents and guests. I’m excited for this challenge and appreciate all your support!