School Board Candidate

A dynamic and self-driven leader, Milan Kljajic was born and raised in East Vancouver and currently resides in the Renfrew-Collingwood area with his wife and their son.  Milan believes that education is an investment in the future of Vancouver, and that students and staff deserve a safe, inclusive environment.

Milan is a community advocate in Vancouver, with a long history of public service with the residents of Vancouver.  Milan has served the public as a civic worker from 2002-2015 and has held many different positions throughout his career at the City of Vancouver.

Milan manages a non-profit society (www.richmondkiwanis.ca) that provides and operates below-market residential accommodations for 400+ seniors living in Richmond since 2015.  Milan was recognized in the Vancouver Sun & The Province in 2021 as a COVID-19 hero for his contribution keeping seniors safe and healthy throughout the pandemic.

Milan was also involved in his community by volunteering for a non-profit community centre association as President from 2012-2018.  Milan is someone who enjoys putting his community’s needs before his own and gives his time back to the residents of Vancouver volunteering his time.  Milan in his volunteer position has been involved in developing and maintaining programs of a recreational, educational, cultural, social and economic nature that improve the quality of life for children, youth, adults and seniors in the community.

Milan is running for the position of School Board Trustee to bring some new energy, excitement and a “fresh” new perspective to engage a more powerful connection between the parents, children, families, staff and the community.  With some hard work, diligence, passion, care and dedication, truly anything can be possible and put into action.