Recognizing that each child learns differently, the NPA is committed to partnering with educators and parents to ensure our children have a fulfilling education.


The core priorities of your NPA School Trustee majority will be:


  • Parental partnership in their child’s safety. 
    • restoring police liaison officers
    • addressing bullying


  • Parental partnership in their child’s individual learning needs.
    • the honours program
    • learning disabilities
    • arts and musical interests


  • Parental partnership in planning for the future.
    • playgrounds
    • new and accessible schools
    • sports & recreational facilities


The NPA School Board Candidates are part of the larger NPA team committed to restoring safety in Vancouver’s streets, parks, and schools. As well as, holistically addressing housing affordability and the liveability of Vancouver through collaboration across all three elected bodies.

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Meet the NPA’s Vancouver School Board candidates:


As a new dad, Rahul is extremely passionate about making Vancouver’s school system world class. Through his previous role as a Corrections Officer, he gained valuable insight about the impact of education on children to young adults, particularly the role of education on indigenous youth.

Rahul understands every child learns at a different pace and in a different way. For example, some students need more support and others need greater challenges. He wants to provide a safe environment for students and their parents at all Vancouver schools while ensuring that we don’t put all children in a one-size-fits-all educational system.


Aaron learned the importance of tailoring children’s education to their learning difference from his mother’s career as a public-school teacher in Nova Scotia and his father’s decades long career as a teacher at Landmark East School in Wolfville, NS.

When not working Aaron is an active volunteer in a variety of charitable endeavours including his church and Young Life Vancouver Westside committee. He has previously served as a member of Trinity Western University’s Board of Governors. Currently, he serves on the boards of the Korle-bu Neuroscience Foundation and the Institute of Global Perioperative Care in Maryland.



Nadine moved to Vancouver from Montreal in 2000 and fell in love with the city and the West Coast. Prior to her three boys moving on to their Secondary School education, Nadine had been active on the school PAC at Southlands Elementary as co-chair. She believes in the right to quality education, providing a safe school environment, and providing youth with access to wellness/mental health programs.



Milan was born and raised in East Vancouver and currently resides in the Renfrew-Collingwood area with his wife and their son.  Milan believes that education is an investment in the future of Vancouver, and that students and staff deserve a safe environment.

Milan was also involved in his community by volunteering for a non-profit community centre association as President from 2012-2018.  Milan is someone who enjoys putting his community’s needs before his own and gives his time back to the residents of Vancouver volunteering his time.  Milan in his volunteer position has been involved in developing and maintaining programs of a recreational, educational, cultural, social, and economic nature that improve the quality of life for children, youth, adults and seniors in the community.


The proud mother of 3 children who are in the Vancouver School system.  With one child having disabilities and one child who is Neurodivergent Ashley’s eyes have been opened to the many societal challenges that others may face, but many can’t relate to. It was through this that her passion and journey for advocation in equality and accessibility began. Ashley knows the importance of standing up and being a voice for those who feel they can’t speak.

Her heart burns for this next generation. As any parent can relate, she wants to see Safe Schools, where our children can thrive. She wants to see that all children no matter their ability has equal opportunity to all the resources and educational support needed. She wants our teachers and resource teachers to be supported and protected.