Media Release – For too long, Vancouver seniors have been a marginalized and largely ignored community seemingly invisible in city hall.


Fred Harding and the NPA team vow to reverse the trend if elected to the role of mayor with a majority council.


Following an electoral win, the NPA plans to immediately create the role of a Mayoral Advisor for Senior’s Affairs in the City of Vancouver. The NPA expects the advisor to act as a champion for seniors; advocating for funding, and giving accelerated attention to problem issues affecting seniors such as accessibility, broken sidewalks, food programs, and programs promoting socialization and senior care at a municipal level.


Fred Harding said, “Along with our NPA council candidates, I’ve met with seniors who fear for their future if they don’t have access to mobility programs and venues where they can congregate, and connect with friends over snacks and games. Covid kept too many isolated for too long. Now it’s time to make sure they get to enjoy the benefits of a city working for them”.


Harding expects the Mayoral Advisor for Senior’s Affairs to be one of the busiest positions in city hall as seniors remain a constantly growing community in Vancouver. The advisor would be available as a key contact for seniors to reach at all times. In addition, the individual chosen for the role would be expected to keep the mayor and council appraised of the pressing needs and concerns affecting citizens across the city. The NPA would also work with the advisor to ensure proper accessibility options are available in new housing. Services to our seniors would be timely, culturally sensitive and a recognition for the contribution they have played and continue to play in the growth and vitality of Vancouver.


Implementing the role would be an NPA priority from day one.