To address continued concerns on the affordability crisis affecting many Vancouverites, NPA mayoral candidate Fred Harding and the NPA team have committed to aggressively pursuing an expansion of free transit for those deserving it most.


Harding said he would work with other mayors and the Province to ensure free transit is awarded to veterans, seniors, students, low-income families, and those with a medical requirement where a dispensation has been granted.


Most of Vancouver recognizes that many families and seniors are hurting, and struggling during this crisis that has arisen through no fault of their own. Making sure families can get to school, sports events and socialization for seniors has never been more important as so many of us were locked inside our homes for years.


Harding said, “Every mayoral candidate in every city is facing a population with pressing affordability issues. As leaders, we have a responsibility to find smarter ways to lessen the burden while not creating an increased load on others. I know we can do this.”