Vancouver, BC – On Friday, Kennedy Stewart and his allies on council proved they don’t understand the problems facing Vancouver in passing what the mayor has dubbed the “Vancouver Plan.” A flawed grouping of aspirations, it appears to only focus on transit route density while neglecting other critical issues.

“I believe we need a plan for the city, but this is not a plan,” says NPA Councilor Melissa De Genova.

De Genova, who voted against the “plan,” said she simply could not support a purely aspirational document that ignores numerous problems facing the city.

“Kennedy Stewart’s proposal doesn’t put enough emphasis on affordability and amenities for families in Vancouver,” she adds. “I’ve been very clear that I won’t make promises that I can’t keep, and I don’t see the voices of Vancouver families and seniors struggling to get by represented here.”

NPA mayoral candidate John Coupar says Kennedy Stewart and his allies on council are out of touch with the needs of communities, exemplified by their failure to consider the importance of parks and green space in all future planning. “Kennedy Stewart’s Vancouver Plan shows us once again that everything is worse under this mayor’s watch,” says Coupar. “I’m alarmed that the mayor thinks this is an acceptable plan for our city when it does nothing to help make Vancouver safe, affordable, or more livable.”




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